A Poem About Me.

Hello world, my name is Melanie Zhou

I'm an entrepreneur, engineer, designer,

and the biggest Swiftie you'll ever know.

What's important to me?

Mental health, racial diversity, product management,

Startups, venture capital, poetry, and my pup Ari.

I study computer science & human-computer interaction

Alongside the brightest minds at Stanford University

Where I also pursue poetry and other passions.

On campus, I am vice president of several societies

Like global entrepreneurship (ASES)

And the lab for public interest technology (PIT).

I use technology to mitigate social inequity

Such as algorithmic bias & mental health inaccessibility

with projects like Intervenr, Oasis & Reveri.

This year, I am exploring the world of finance & VC

As an intern at Hustle Fund and Girls Who Invest

To understand startups qualitatively, quantitatively, and holistically.

I'm eager to learn, contribute, and innovate.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me

I can't wait for the relationship we create :)